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Angelo’s Italian Deli started out small. Founded in 2001 amidst humble beginnings, Angelo’s Italian Deli slowly garnered a following. Eventually it became a commanding presence despite only being a 700 sq ft space. Two years later and a second location in Seal Beach was founded, and the rest is history 10 years later we’ve taken over Long Beach graduating to a 7000 sq ft. space.

Bacchus restaurant was Angelo’s original concept, which was founded in 1995. This sought-after hotspot was located on Naples Island, where Michael’s Of Naples is currently located. Angelo grew weary of working nights and wanted nothing more than to be able to spend time with his family. He made the tough decision to sell Bacchus so he could spend more time with his family.

Angelo studied culinary arts all over Europe, Studying all over Italy, France, Germany, Scotland, England and has extensive knowledge in both traditional and innovative Italian Cuisine. Learning the roots and classic recipes, laying this foundation is what inspires Angelo to continue with tradition. It also grants him the ability to experiment with Italian cuisine to new and interesting ends.

Angelo’s Italian Deli Seal Beach made its fame by crafting distinct and flavorful fare. A capable and friendly staff serves up the food with a smile. If that isn’t enough, Angelo’s has the biggest parking lot in the business district of Main Street Seal Beach. It’s so big “you could land a helicopter in it”.


Our sandwiches Start with a fresh Italian baguette next comes our world famous garlic spread, Everything freshly sliced from the imported italian meat of your choice to fresh vegetables.



Both of our locations have a full italian market with many different goods all imported from italy, ranging from Pomodori tomatoes to different style pasta from different regions of Italy. We also have 80+ types of olive oil and vinegars all imported from Italy. Our Deli case is always stocked with the most classic italian meats and cheeses for your sandwiches at home or if you’re throwing together a tray for a special occasion.

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